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Shannon DeJong is Founder and CEO of House of Who, Inc., a mission-driven creative agency and brand arthouse located in the San Francisco Bay Area. She writes and speaks on topics of truth in branding, female leadership, creative entrepreneurship, and mental health. Shannon was the keynote speaker/artist at the 2010 New Mexico Consumer Wellness Conference sharing a condensed version of her one-woman show, BURST. She has given lectures and talks at a wide range of other corporate, educational, and professional conferences. She's on a mission to wake up the world, and herself, to the truth of who we are.

Shannon draws on her eclectic background of the arts, Corporate America and Zen Buddhism to inquire into and cultivate truth in identity and art in business. 

She is co-producer and protagonist in ArtistCEO, a true-story narrative podcast asking the question: Can business and art live in harmony? As an actress, she has written and performed one-woman-shows across both coasts as well as in the Women at Work festival in New York City and Solo Performance Festival in Santa Fe. She most recently presented a talk at radio streaming company, TuneIn, about obstacles women face in business and their careers.

Speaking Topics:

Can Art & Business Live in Harmony? In this talk, Shannon explores the role of artistic expression in for-profit businesses, questioning the use cases for art across marketing, leadership, brand, and company culture. Becoming the Artist CEO. In this talk, Shannon shares her inspirational journey from academics to performance art to corporate America, shedding light on the challenges and triumphs of living and working as a whole, integrated person. Work-Art Balance. In this talk, Shannon flips the notion of work-life balance on its head, advocating instead for creatives to find balance between their day jobs and artistic passions as a means of shifting the role of artistic expression in professional and corporate settings. Birthing Art Instead of Kids. In this talk geared towards female-predominant audiences, Shannon shares her choice to devote her life to artistic and professional pursuits the way many women devote themselves to raising families. With the widely available resources at the ready to help women balance career and family, Shannon’s insights into balancing career and art are invaluable to women who have chosen to dedicate their lives to the arts. Branding the Brand Agency. In this talk, Shannon reveals the challenges, successes, and wisdom gleaned from undergoing the most difficult professional challenge of her career: creating a brand for her own brand agency. The Mission-Driven For-Profit Business. In this talk, Shannon shares her journey running a mission-driven for-profit business, revealing the practical and emotional challenges of finding abundance in the corporate world while also making ethical, mission-driven business choices. Where Self-Actualization & Business Meet. In this talk, Shannon explores the rich yet largely uncharted territory at the crossroads of personal and professional development. Can career paths lead to personal evolution? How can professionals find deep gratification in their day-to-day office lives? What in corporate culture needs to change in order to allow for this.

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