Is your experience of pleasure the same as my experience of pleasure?


Words & a Video from Open Psych Night # 2 – Food Porn. Pleasure.

An outward expression. We often define pleasure by what it looks like. Which is funny because pleasure really is an experience…on the inside,

but we tend to correlate the two. There are lots of external expressions of pleasure – sexual pleasure is easy to refer to – Ah! Ah! Ah! – that’s not what I sound like.


I’m like so embarrassed to make sounds of pleasure, that I can’t even make convincing sounds of pleasure. I’m kind of uncomfortable with it, really.


And then there’s eating. Ahh. Mmm. MMM. Ohh. Ahh. Right?

Then, there’s you know this sort of like Divine Pleasure. I have this Buddhist face on…I totally have my yoga glow on and it’s just like..bliiisssss.

But I’m far more interested in what is the experience of pleasure on the inside...for you.

I mean, I’m interested in the experience of pleasure in me, but I think that each of us has such a different experience of pleasure and yes, what brings us pleasure, is different!

But is your experience of pleasure the same as my experience of pleasure?

Cause I know for me, my experience of pleasure is typically very quiet.  Like for me to actually experience pleasure – most of the time I go throughout my day and I am not in pleasure because I’m doing things out here and pleasure is very personal and sacred to me. More and more I’ve been interested in – I mean, if I just had my own experience of pleasure and if I just moment-to-moment resided in what was pleasurable, regardless of what it looked like to other people…forme to live in pleasure….What would that look like?

And the rest is not really best experienced as text, but as movement…


Watch Gray move it if you like. Fast forward to 5:28 in the video to pick up where we left off…





And ….


Open Psych Night #3 @ the Waterfront
Waterfront Playhouse & Conservatory
2020 4th Street
Berkeley, CA 94710




Open Psych Night #2

Open Psych Night #2 was a huge success! We called it:

“Food Porn. Pleasure Shame. The Return of Andy Warhol”

Think of it as a cross between Open Mic and really deep therapy, but without all the painful stuff. Laughter, existentialism, sexuality and always, always, Truth.  

Fri, February 12th, 7:30pm
Waterfront Playhouse & Conservatory

Here’s a collage of some of the best photos:

Gray talking about her art at breakfast

Cheryl King capturing Gray (yes, me) in a spontaneous moment of explicating ego-burning through exploratory art and theatre practice. Enjoy the thoughtful ramble.