Shannon recently performed in an unhinged shared dream of crystal healing, canned tuna fish from Christopher Durang play called Laughing Wild
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Artist CEO Shannon DeJong explores the truth of branding with industry thought leaders

Shannon is also Founder and CEO of House of Who, Inc.

A Creative Agency and Arthouse based in revealing #brandtruth

I’m Here To Wake You Up. You’re Here to Wake Me. We Are Each Other’s Alarm Clock.
We are not just all connected, we are a single dreaming entity. Fish in a school, cells in a body, people on a planet. I'm devastated...
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I am trying to tell you a story about our identity by living the life of a human being.
We are being the story of Us by being a Me "Each human story is unique" (& I don't disagree so if you listen, an 'I'...
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Do it.
Guest blogger Pamela Day, in response to my comment "I want to do THAT but it's already been done." * Hasn't already been done. By...
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